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Among all the branches of paranormal and divinatory arts, numerology (or the study of numbers) is a very popular way to analyze or predict one's personal profile. This will bring you immense help in your life as you will discover your inner self and thus be able to guide yourself in the coming days.

The subject is so popular because it is interesting and easy to understand compared to astrology. This is based extensively on mathematical calculations, unlike astrology and palmistry, which are based on observations.

However knowledge of numbers is not sufficient for analyzing or developing a complete prediction for any individual. One must have some preliminary knowledge about astrology and palmistry to complete such calculations. Therefore I named this site numerology-astrology-palmistry.com

On this site, I have tried my level best to discuss all the branches of it. Going through the pages, you will discover the history, evolution and obviously the ways in which to calculate in different systems.

Before you proceed further, I would be happy to tell you something about me and my site. My name is Jayanti Ghosh. I am from Kolkata which is one of the metropolitan cities of India. I have created this site out of my passion for and strong love of these subjects, which I discovered in childhood. My Guru was a great scholar and had a keen interest in these. He was very famous for his research involving numerology, astrology and palmistry and he shared much of his research with me. I was lucky enough to have access to some of the rare books from his collection.

This Site is Purely Informational.

My goal is for those interested in this subject to benefit from this site. With a little patience and perseverance, you will learn the fundamentals of the study of numbers. Soon you will be able to calculate and predict with ease.

Many resources are available in the market, but not all are reliable. I have focused on compiling accurate and reliable information about the entire system on a single site.

In addition I have tried to incorporate preliminary information about astrology and palmistry (only the parts you need to know to become a good numerologist.)

Please understand that no single site or resource can teach you everything you need to know about it. You will not become a master simply by reading. You must practice and continually seek out additional information. This site will provide you will the fundamentals that you need to be become proficient in the subject.

The first step is to determine, whether you are interested in this, which means you need to have a basic, accurate idea about it.

This site will help you to-

1. Identify what numerology actually is

2. Understand where it came from

3. Learn to calculate numerological predictions about yourself or the person whose name and date of birth is known to you and

4. Develop a basic understanding of different aspects related to astrology and palmistry to help you become more skilled in analysis than other amateurs.

Once you have achieved this level of knowledge, you can focus on developing into a master through different books or courses available in the market.

Some of you may be absolute beginners in numerology. Others may already have developed exciting experience and knowledge. This site is a discussion forum for all of us, and I welcome everyone. Please feel free to share your knowledge, experiences, impressions and questions-even if you have something against numerology and astrology.

I hope the people who visit the site will benefit from an open exchange of information, as this is how we learn. So please take part in the discussion so we can all become more enlightened about numerology.

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"A Serious Entity Most of Us Overlook While Dealing With Fortune Tellers"
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