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Hello- New Age Newsletter, Issue #23 ( We are back again)
January 01, 2022
Once again I welcome you to New Age Newsletter,


Howdy, champ!

You may have had things that went out of your hand in the past.

But better late than never!

You can still get back to the drawing board and start afresh.

I am sure, like many others, you also have had situations in life that put you in a state of fix.

But life has its own ways to teach you lessons, and

Help You,

Get started for the NEW GOOD ... in your present life.

BUT....That’s only possible when you look BEYOND The Ordinary

2022 —Marks the start of a New Dawn


A time of leaving behind your past life events and creating new stories of success.

So...Let’s Start Over!

BCUZ ...

I want You to Succeed in Life.

I want You to discover the power of NUMBERS in your LIFE.


That’s Only Possible... When,

YOU make the right decisions and choose GOOD for Yourself!


..…..2021 was a year of Introspection for ME!

2020 was a perfect COVID storm for The Mankind !!

AndLike Many Others …..

I lost a lot on the personal front too!

BUTI learnt not to cry over the spilt milk

I realized,“The show must go on…

And look where am I?

Speaking to you in 2022 with more inner stability than ever before and some good financial scores sitting on my bank.

One thing is for sure!

Your life is your own making, and you’ve every right to make this life Good

All You Need Now...Is the right blend of information on your PLATE to GO From....


I have put together some DOPE Clues on Life transforming Concepts of Numerology on my website.

Over The Last Few Years, IT has transformed My Life in a BIG way.

AndI want to help you do the same.

Your name, DOB, destiny has everything to do with a specific set of numbers.

The INSIDE way to See Through numbers

The occurrence of numbers in your life


A Lot More!

Grab your FREE Numerology Report as a New Year Gift from ME

Send me your full name and date of birth to me

I’ll send the report within next 7 days


SEE What’s in store for you THIS 2022. Send your details here

Kind Regards,

Jayanti Ghosh

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