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April 10, 2017
Once again I welcome you to New Age Newsletter,

Numerology App-Free Download

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I am happy to share a new Numerology app I discovered recently. The World Numerology App has 18 different Numerology readings and charts (6 of them free – plus a free Daily Forecast).

The App is free to download from my site at

Download to your Mac, PC, and/or Android Tablet (iPad and mobile devices coming soon).

After viewing your free readings, if you would like to purchase the in-depth reports offered through the App, use my Discount Code JAYANTI (all caps, no spaces) in the Promo Box on the purchase page to receive 10% OFF.

I find the World Numerology Collection to be the most accurate and in-depth numerology catalogue I have encountered, with many readings not found anywhere else. I have known Master numerologist Hans Decoz for many years and recommend his work to learn more about your talents, challenges, personality, relationships, and your daily, monthly, and yearly forecasts. Let me know what you think.

Find out more about the readings and charts here:

Love and Light,

Jayanti Ghosh

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