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Hello- Numerology Newsletter, Issue #21
February 07, 2014
Once again I welcome you to New Age Newsletter,

Spiritual Development

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In the last newsletter I encouraged you to make spiritual development a priority in your life, and I want to continue on that theme for at least a couple more issues.

In this newsletter and ones to follow, I will give you specific actions that you can take in your daily life in order to achieve happiness and peace. I will go more in-depth on topics related to spiritual growth in newsletters to come, and I hope these issues will help you focus on your spiritual life more.

Spiritual Development in a Materialistic World

There was once a time when people routinely relied upon their natural instincts and psychic abilities to attract positive energy and live fulfilling lives. Sadly, technological advancements and a culture of immediate gratification have changed the way we live. The world is more materialistic than ever, and positive energy seems more difficult to find than ever.

As our technology becomes smarter, we seem to slip further away from our spirituality. The conveniences we now enjoy create a barrier between our daily lives and our spirituality. With constant bombardment from televisions, cell phones and radios, it is difficult to hear ourselves think, let alone truly tap into our natural instincts and psychic abilities.

Blocking Negative Energy and Temptation

In this fast-paced life, we need our spirituality more than ever before. When negative energy is all around you and much of your day is spent resisting temptation, your spirituality is the most powerful protection you can tap into. Whether it’s temptation to rear end the car that just cut you off on the highway or to grab a fatty snack from the vending machine, your spirituality is what will keep the smile on your face regardless of circumstances.

When you tap into your spiritual side and use it to shield your life from negative energy, you become immune to that negativity. Your ability to resist temptation and live a peaceful life substantially increases when you embrace spiritual development. You shelter your mind, soul and body from the negativity of the world just by listening to your natural instincts and tapping into your spiritual center.

The Aura Shining from Within

Did you know that you have a spiritual energy that radiates from deep within your body? It is called your aura, and everyone has one. Your aura is created from everything held within you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The nature of your aura speaks a lot about where you are in life and how happy you are at any given moment. For instance, a positive aura with a lot of life is commonly emanated from someone who is content and happy with their life. Those who emanate a negative aura are typically going through difficult times or are in a less happy place in their life.

Your aura can affect everyone around you, and you can be affected by the aura emanating from others. Every time you interact with another person, their aura has the chance to affect how you feel and think.

The Dangers of Negativity

So many people in this world are living in the grind of daily life at the sacrifice of spiritual development. As they enjoy modern conveniences, give in to temptation daily and scramble to make a living, they develop negative auras that are shared amongst communities. The materialism of this world is not making anyone content and productive. It is making everyone thirst for more, and that thirst for more creates a focus on materialism rather than spiritual development.

Until the spiritual life is nurtured, there is little peace or happiness to be found in this world. That is why I encourage you to focus at least a little time on spiritual growth each day. It is your power against temptation, negativity and materialism.

When you are overcome with negative energy and start thinking badly about yourself, your situation or someone else, it is time to put your spirituality on guard. It is time to stand strong and arm yourself with more spiritual development and growth because negative energy will lead to negative thoughts and negative actions. If you want peace, fulfillment and contentment, you need to work on overcoming that negative energy with spiritual light.

3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Spiritual Weapons against Negativity

1. Devalue Quantity

How much you have of something says nothing about the quality of what you have. Stop thinking in terms of collecting as much as possible. Throw quantity out the window. It is time to focus your life on quality things that matter rather than accumulating as much junk as possible.

2. Embrace the Moment

Enjoy this day, this very moment, while it is still here. Don’t dwell too much on your past or focus entirely on your future. Realize that what matters most is the moment you are living right now. If you can make today count, you can build a positive, happy future with many more enjoyable moments to come. You want to enjoy those moments when they come rather than looking back to the mistakes you are making today.

When you appreciate the present and make every moment of your life count, you will feel more satisfied with your life in general. Your life is now, so let the past go and start building the future by living in the moment today.

3. Know that You are Enough

One of the biggest obstacles to spiritual development is downgrading your own value. You must accept the fact that you are enough right now, just the way you are in this very moment. As long as you feel that you are unworthy or inadequate, you will hold yourself back from true spiritual growth. You were created in the likeness of one spiritual being, and you must embrace the perfection and adequacy of that creation.

If you gained insight from this newsletter, feel free to send it to others who may also benefit from hearing these words. If you have any feedback, feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!

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Jayanti Ghosh

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