Newsletter Issue 009

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Impact of Eclipses of June-July 2011

There will be a partial solar eclipse on June 01, 2011. This event is visible from the high latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere.

Reykjavik, Iceland receives this eclipse with 0.462 magnitude just before sunset.

Norway, Sweden, and Finland also will get a glimpse of this midnight sun eclipse just above the horizon.

The eclipse ends at 23:06:56 (Universal Time), when the penumbra of the eclipse leaves earth, North of New found land in the Atlantic Ocean.

The eclipse is visible in Northern parts of Canada and Eastern Russia.

The eclipse of 1st June 2011, could affect the climate in the Scandinavian countries. Volcanic activity is possible in this region. (Scandinavia is a geographical region comprising of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland.). It can also trigger off extreme cold conditions and other natural peculiarities.

The next in this sequence will be a total lunar eclipse on 15th June 2011. It will occur for more than 3 hours and 30 minutes.

This eclipse will be visible completely in India, Central Asia, and Africa. It will be visible at moonrise in South Africa, Western Africa, and Europe. At moon set it will be viewable from eastern Asia and Australia. The eclipses will be in Sagittarius, the 8th sign from India’s independence chart.

India will get affected by adversities on a national level. It can also destabilize the government. The nation needs to guard itself against threats from both within and outside the country.

For Pakistan, major calamities are possible. This eclipse would see the beginning of an internal rebellion which will lead to anarchy like situation prevailing in the country. A major earthquake is likely to hit Pakistan especially over the Sind region.

For Israel the lunar eclipse is over its third house indicating neighboring countries. A war is likely to break out in the region.

A major volcanic eruption is likely in Iceland, where the eclipse is over the 8th house.

Saudi Arabia also faces problems in governance due to the eclipse.

There will be a partial solar eclipse on 1st July 2011. This event can be viewed from the southern hemisphere, especially from Antarctica.

The impact of July eclipse will only be minimal. It can however trigger melting of glaciers in Antarctica and other regions in Southern Hemisphere.

Reference of Number 8 in Veda

Eight is the total number of Chakras of the man. This eight Chakra is known as being “the Chakra of the Soul “or “the Star Chakra.” It would be located approximately 7 to 10 centimeters above the Crown Chakra.

The eight great gods of the Vedas: Surya, Chandra, Agni, Yama, Varuna, Indra, Vayu, and Kubera.

The lotus is represented symbolically with 8 petals and according to yogis, it is on a lotus with 8 petals that the “Meru” mount is erected, which symbolically represents the center and the axis of the world.

The Yoga counts eight training courses : Yama, the restriction; Niyama, religious observances; Asana, the posture; Pranyama, the control of breathing; Partyahara, the restriction of senses; Dharana, the concentration; Dhyana, the contemplation and Samadhi, the ecstasy.

For the Indians, there are eight modes of marriage mentioned by Manu: mode of Brahma, Devas, Rishis, Prajapatis, Asuras, Ghandarvas, Rakshasas and Pisatchas.

The eight forms of Shiva, sometimes illustrated by 8 “lingamas” laid out around a central “lingam”.

The Vishnu had eight arms.

Fortune Teller – Peter Harkos

The name of Peter Harkos had hit newspaper headlines many a time because of his uncanny gift of divine insight. Peter works for Dutch intelligence. It is said that once he fell from a great height. After the accident, he felt that he had developed a sort of sixth sense. He could tell the position of a questioner by simply hearing his voice. Not only that, he could sense his problems without being told about them. By only touching a thing, he was able to tell extraordinary details about it.

Quotes of the month

It’s great to be great, but its greater to be human.

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