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Luca Gaurico: Fortune – Teller Par Excellence Contd...

Gaurico is credited with making sixty predictions. The most famous of these predictions is the one he made when he was quite old and Nostradamus had already established his name in this line. Bologna was a city state in North Italy. It was under the despotic rule of Giovanni Bentvogolio. Bentvogolio was extremely superstitious and idiosyncratic. He once called Gaurico to his court to make predictions regarding him.

Gaurico took his seat on the floor in the court. After some time, he said, “I perceive that the king will lose his throne and die in exile. This is going to happen soon.” Betivoglio was mad with rage on hearing this. He snatched a whip from the executioner and gave saint Luca fifteen lashes with it. Then he asked, “Now, tell me what the future holds for you.” Gaurico retained his composure even after his public humiliation. He stood there patiently and declared that he was not going to die at that time. Bentivoglio took out a sword and rushed to strike him when the other courtiers prevented him for doing so. Luca Gaurico’s name shall always top the list of fortune tellers who always tell the truth without fear.

Reference of Number 8 in Buddhism

The eight parts of the way which leads to the nirvana, according to the Buddhist doctrines: the faith, the right judgment, the right language, a right and pure action, a right profession, the application of the spirit to all the precepts of the law, the right memory and the right meditation. The Buddhists count eight symbols of long life of which one of them is the infinite note being rolled up and withdrawn on itself.

There are eight degrees of Buddhist monks or “Aryas” and the highest is named “Arhat.”

According to a Buddhist legend, Buddha’s ashes were separated in eight parts.

Reference of Number 8 in Zarathustra

In the religion of Zarathustra, there were eight instruments used for the cult: the Atashdan, reservoir for fire; the Havana or mortar: the Barecma, or beam of sacred palms; the Tali, tray of the offerings; the Tasta or cup of gold: the strainer with nine holes for the Homa; the Avand, vase for purification; the Musrhabe, wash-hand basin for the priest.

Quotes of the month

Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you. ~Dane Rudhyar

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