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Composed Number

Composed number is the root that influences the basic number. The composed numbers are the father and mother from which the basic number inherits its particular characteristics. Each number has some positive and negative aspects, and composed numbers display particular tendencies, specifying a direction for the basic patter represented by each elementary number.

The principal origins of number 1 are 10, 19, and 28. The number 10, in its turn, is no more than an extension of 1’s characteristics, since 0 works as an amplifier. Therefore, no modification happens in the essence of the number, and it cannot modify anything except by amplification. Therefore, 10 represents a return to unity one level up on the spiral scale.

The number 19 is extremely intense. It comes from 1, the beginning; and ends with 9, the end. It contains the alpha and the omega, which implies a great deal of strength and will – often used violently and blindly – which may give rise to a prodigy or a tragedy. Also since the numbers are odd, it increases selfishness and vanity. So, 19 concentrates the dictatorial tendencies of 1, even though it may be channeled in a constructive way.

The number 28 is considered to be one of the best compositions for 1, since it is, mathematically speaking, a perfect number; that is, it is the result of its divisors. Perfect numbers are rare, only the first five are known: 6, 28, 496, 8128, 33550336. That is enough to make 28 a concentration of 1’s best possibilities. The number 28 is composed by two even numbers, which soothes 1’s aggressiveness; while 8 is objective and practical – the balance of opposites in just one.

Do remedies can rally reduce the afflictions in life?

Remedy itself means ‘to heal or cure’. The maladies include physical, mental and spiritual imbalance of energy. Every child born receives more or less planetary energy, as per his destiny. This imbalance is the cause of all sufferings; it can be balanced in almost all fields of life. There are various remedial measures, including gems, mantras, herbs, fire-rituals, yantra planetary oblations etc. When someone opts for remedies, negative powers get aroused. Worshiping and have full faith in your religious symbol like Cross, Chand- Sitare, Swastika, Om, Shree etc. is a simple remedial measure which will help you in general problems like eradicating poverty, sickness etc.

Predictions Regarding Natural calamities in 600 B.C.

It was for the first time that predictions regarding natural calamities were made on the basis of astrology, after taking into account the conjunction of planets in Babylonia in 600 B.C. This area is now called Iraq. In 2nd century Ptolemy divided planets into groups on astrological basis. It was then calculated as to how these zodiacal groups were reacting with one another at a particular time on a person. This indicated his destiny. Ptolemy had made a correct predictions regarding death of Harold, King of England, in a war. But, Ptolemy committed a blunder. He believed that the moon and stars orbit round the earth.

Quotes of the month

Living is not the story of your life. Living is the process of experiencing right now. -Werner Erhart

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