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Numerology Calculator

For many people, a numerology calculator can be a great way to learn and learn about the numbers that impact your life. While some people will calculate this process out by hand, the calculator will actually break down the numbers that are associated with your numerology and provide you with each number in a matter of moments. More>>>

Astrological Remedies

There is more to the planets than just being pieces of rock that orbit in space. Each of these planets has an astral energy or physical force. This will affect our own astral body, which is the subtle energy and psychic field that surrounds our bodies.

When it comes to astrological remedies, we find that the elements there influence us. These astral influences strengthen or diminish some of the colors, wavelengths and even frequencies and create a shield of protection.



When it comes to prophecy there are several definitions that can be attached to it. While some will write it off as merely a prediction of future events, what you will actually find is that it is more than that.

This is the ability to foretell and predict the futures of a country or the world with a level of accuracy in a hidden capacity.

There have been a number of exceptional prophets who have given us their own prophecies of different events in the world, with stunning accuracy. For example, Luca Guárico, Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, Cheiro, Kraft, Jeanne Dixon are the few to name. More>>>

Nostradamus Prophecy

Nostradamus was one of the most active prophets in the history of man. He made more than 3,000 prophecies that stretch out to year 3797 A.D. While many people believe half of these prophecies have already come true, it is still to be seen how accurate the other half will be.

His full name was Michel de Nostradamus and he was much more than a prophet. Born December 14, 1503 to a Jewish family, he went on to become a doctor of high repute. His days as a prolific prophet did not come until the late 1540s when he spent some time in Lorraine with a good friend named Seigneur de Florinville. More>>>

Mother Shipton

While many people may have heard of Nostradamus, we find that the French forecaster Mother Shipton or Ursula Sontheil of England was just as prophetic. Born in July 1488 in the town of Knaresbrough in England, she was handicapped and considered to be accursed.

We find that there are no actual details about the transformation that she took into becoming Mother Shipton. However, around the age of twenty-two she married Toby Shipton and shortly following that she could successfully predict the future.


Cheiro and his prophecy

Cheiro was one of the most controversial figures in the world of futurology. His predictions have been astounding and his accuracy simply amazing. For instance, no one believed his prediction that the dying prince would one day become King Edward VII in England yet there he was enjoying tea and a chat with the King himself after the coronation that proved his premonition right. More>>>

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