Newsletter Issue 012

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2012 Predictions - What Should You Believe

I get a lot of emails about the gloom and doom 2012 predictions (or 2012 mayan predictions) that have been circulating around the world. Many people believe that the end of the world is at hand, but I don't believe it is quite that dramatic. I do believe that something major could be just around the corner and the lives that we all live today could be drastically changed as a result. More>>>

Lotus Tarot

There are many websites now offering free tarot and numerology readings, but few offer the detailed information about tarot that you will find at Lotus Tarot. Alison Day offers a free course that teaches you the basics of learning to read tarot cards. This is basically an introduction course that can help you start a path of reading tarot yourself. This course is also useful if you are going to get paid readings from Lotus Tarot. When you understand the basics of how the cards are being read, you can get more out of each reading.


The Tarot Numerology Connection

The great thing about tarot numerology is that once you learn the basics of one, you already know some of the basics of the other.

Those who take tarot seriously will typically end up learning something about numerology, and vice versa. When you combine the two together you can understand the overall view of your life as well as the current events happening in your life. More>>>

Jeane Dixon Prophecies

Jeane Dixon is a modern day forecaster often referred to as the "50/50 forecaster" because her predictions can go in one direction or another. She came onto the forecasting scene in the 1940s when she told President Roosevelt that he had six months or less to live. This forecast was given during a casual talk with the President, but when he died unexpectedly shortly after the details of the forecast were printed in the newspapers. Jeane Dixon suddenly had respect and authority she did not enjoy before. More>>>

Karmic Debt

The basic idea of karma is that you are repaid for the actions you take during your life. If you do good things you will be repaid with good and if you do bad things you will be repaid with bad. This is the part most people are familiar with. More>>>

Karmic Debt Number- Some Broad Guidelines

Don't make the mistake of feeling doomed by the appearance of this number. You can overcome it and become a very inspiring rags to riches type story that really motivates others to do the same. Success will take more work, but it can come. More>>>

Using Your Name to Find Lucky Number

When your parents give you a name, your first name lucky number (also called your first name vibration number) comes into existence. This is when you receive your most important lucky vibration number and it will stay with you throughout your entire life. More>>>

Using Your Birthday to Find Lucky Number

Another lucky number can be found using your birthday. All you have to consider is the day of the month you were born on. If you were born between the first and the ninth of the month, then your lucky money number is simply the number corresponding to your birth date. More>>>

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