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Calculating Life Path Number

There were several different methods to calculate the Life Path number derived from the date of birth of an individual-

Let us take an example of December 21, 1968

1.) Horizontal method (adds together all the numbers horizontally) 12/21/1968 = 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 8 = 30 / 3

2.) Month/Day/Year method (adds unreduced month and day to horizontal reduced year) (month) 12 + (date) 21 + (year reduced1968=1+9+6+8=24) = 12 + 21 + 24 = 57 / 3

3.) Month/Day/Year method (with reduction of date and horizontal reduced year) (month) 12 + (date=2+1=3) 3 + (year reduced1968=1+9+6+8=24) = 12 + 3 + 24 = 39 / 3

4.) Month/Day/Year method (with reduction of date & month and horizontal reduced year) (month 1+2=3) 3 + (date=2+1=3) 3 + (year reduced1968=1+9+6+8=24) = 3 + 3 + 24 =30 / 3

5.) Month/Day/Year method (with reduction of date, month and complete reduced year) (month 1+2=3) 3 + (date=2+1=3) 3 + (year reduced1968=1+9+6+8=24=2+4=6) = 3 + 3 + 6=12/ 3

6.) Modified Month/Day/Year method (year is reduced partially, month/date are not) (month) 12 + (date) 21 + (year reduced1968= 1+9=10 + 68 = 78) 12 + 21 + 78 = 111 / 3

7.) Vertical method (2 digit number from year, date, month are added without reduction) 12/21/1968 = 12+21+ (year split into 2 digit numbers=19 + 68) 19+68 = 12 + 21 + 19 + 68 = 120/3

Most of the numerologists agreed with the fact the Pythagorean method is the only accurate method to calculate the life path number of any individual.

The only correct way of arriving at the Life Path number is by turning the month, day, and year of your birth into a single digit number first and then adding the three single digits together.

As in the above example December =12= 1+2=3

21 (the 21st day) = 2+1=3

1968= 1+9+6+8=24=2+4=6

Now add 3+3+6 and the correct life path number is 12/3

Evil Eye

Belief in the Evil Eye – that a human being can cause injury or death through a malevolent glance or stare – is a very widespread one. The concept of the Evil Eye predates all major religions of the world. Almost all languages contain an equivalent word for “Evil Eye “in English.

In Arabic – “ayn al-hasud” or the eye of the envy

In Greek – “matiasma” or “mati”

In Hebrew – “ayin hara”

In Hindi- Urdu and other languages of North India and Pakistan, “nazar”; “nazar lagna” means to be afflicted by the Evil Eye

In Italian –“malocchio”

In Portuguese – “olho gordo” means fat eye.

In Sanskrit an ancient Indian language, it is called “dristhi dosha”

Fifth house from the ascendant indicates occult powers.

Natal Chart position according to Vedic astrology of those having Evil Eye –

1. If Lord of fifth house joined with Neptune and aspected by Saturn

2. If Lord of the fifth house happens to be Saturn and joined by Neptune

3. If Lord of the fifth house happens to be Sun, joined with Neptune

4. Fifth house being under the influence of Rahu

The Vastu Tips

Vastu Sastra is a concept mainly based on directional alignments; cosmological conditions etc prevailing in India for a long time now. The Vastu tips are applicable for all kind of dwelling areas including dwelling houses, office premises etc. Here are some of the basic rules that will really help you to make a peaceful living!

1. The Entrance door size should always be larger than the other doors of the house. Your front door must not directly face your back door. Doors should open inside the room and not outside. The width of the door should be half of the height of the door.

2. All the windows, bigger in size, should be in the Northeast; smaller windows should be in the Southwest.

3. There should be no noise while opening the doors and windows, especially the entrance door; this blocks the career of the inhabitants.

4. Bedrooms should be in South and West. In Bedrooms always use a bed of 4 (four) legs only. Your head should be towards the East or South, while sleeping

5. Kitchen is the best placed in the Southeast of the house. Face East, while cooking: West will be allowed, if there is no alternative, but never face South while cooking.

6. Never build toilets in the Northeast, as Northeast is the abode of prosperity and success. Attached toilets in the Northwest and West are permissible. Mirrors in the toilets may be on the North and East walls.

7. Never put the posters of crying girl, war scene, crow, owl or eagle in the house: these are inauspicious. Shoes and slippers should not be scattered all over the house, as this leads to feud.

"Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality." ~Steven Forrest

Kind Regards,

Jayanti Ghosh