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I CHING - The Book of Changes

I Ching is one of the accurate Chinese systems of predicting future, which is based today on casting of coins, drawing hexagrams and interpreting them. Legend said that this scripture has written by the first emperor of the Zhou Dynasty - Zhou Wen Wang. Here are the main 9 principles the I Ching is based on :

1.) The universe is made up of five elements, and according to the Chinese system of divination, they are water, fire, wood, metal and earth.

2.) All things, animate and inanimate, are made up of these elements in varying proportions.

3.) These proportions and elements change during evolution in a constant manner with the passage of time.

4.) If the rate of changes of these elements can be ascertained, then the future course of events can be pinpointed to time and place.

5.) Based on these principles, the Chinese evolved a system that symbolized 64 life situations, represented by lines, solid and broken, in 64 different forms of line arrangements, called the hexagram.

6.) By various combination of broken and solid lines, you can get a maximum of eight trigrams. By combining these trigrams in different formations, you get 64 hexagrams.

7.) These lines, trigrams, and hexagrams are symbolic of the forces of action and change that occur in the universe.

8.) The broken lines represent the yin force that is female, docile, negative, weak and passive, as also being destructive.. The solid lines represent the yang force that is male, virile, positive, strong, active and constructive.

9.) Yin and Yang forces are constantly interacting, creating change that is constant.

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Evil Eye

In the last issue we discussed about Natal Chart position of those having Evil eye. In this issue we will discuss about Afflictions caused by Evil eye -

1. Body and face become pale.

2. Sickly look and Sleepy appearance

3. Loss of appetite or over appetite

4. In case of kids crying without any reason

5. Restlessness and grinding of teeth

6. Vomiting

7. Sudden rise in body temperature and fever

8. Sudden awakening from sleep

9. Erratic and unpredictable behavior

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The Vastu Tips

Nine important Vastu Tips for Work Places (Vastu Sastra is an ancient Indian study mainly based on directional alignments, balancing of five elements, cosmological considerations, etc.)

1. Premises of offices and factories are best, if they are square or Rectangle (with the size not exceeding 1: 2). This gives all year round profits.

2. If there are roads on all the four sides or on the North and East, it is auspicious and beneficial.

3. Chief of the office should sit in Southwest, facing East or North.

4. Computer room should be in Southeast.

5. Marketing departments should be in Northwest.

6. Floor of the shop or business concern should be kept clean and attractive

7. Presence of a tree/pole or well in front of the shop causes obstruction, which is inauspicious. It creates problems and disturbances in the business; such obstruction should be avoided

8. For offices, a Water-fountain in the wealth area is best for continuous growth and success

9. Auspicious symbols should be marked on the doors of the shop. Cash counter should be placed facing North.
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