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Hello- Numerology Newsletter, Issue #019
August 01, 2012
Once again I welcome you to numerology newsletter,

Newsletter Issue 019

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How to Put Your Mind at Peace – Buddha Advice that Applies Today

If you are struggling to maintain a peaceful mind in the stressful modern world, you could use some advice from Buddha:

Buddha was traveling with his loyal servants when he became incredibly thirsty. He asked one of his servants to go retrieve some water from a nearby lake. The servant went to the lake, but the water was cloudy with mud and not in drinkable condition. He returned and told Buddha that he could not get the water for this reason.

A short time later, Buddha set the servant back, instructing him once again to retrieve water because was very thirsty. Once again, the servant returned and informed Buddha that the water was clouded with mud.

Buddha waited a bit longer this time, and then once again asked the servant to go to the lake and retrieve water because he was very thirsty. Surprisingly, the mud had settled from the water. The servant was able to bring Buddha fresh, clear water suitable for quenching his thirst.

The lesson Buddha passed to the servant was that he did not have to do anything to get the mud to clear from the water. With time, it cleared on its own.

This is something we all can learn from today. If you are struggling to keep a peaceful mind or stress is overcoming your mind, you don’t need to do anything to solve the problem. With time, your mind will clear and the stress will pass on its own. This makes peace of mind an effortless process that will naturally come to you if you allow it.

The Divine Fortune Teller of Bulgaria – What Would You Pay for a Reading?

Bulgarians may be the most open people in the world when it comes to fortune telling.

The Bulgarian government actually had to pass a special law that dictates how people can get readings from one particular fortune teller, Vanga Dimitrova. This law is called the Dimitrova Security Act and was passed in 1965 in order to control the public demand from readings from this divine fortune teller.

What makes Dimitrova special is the fact that she is blind, but she is also different because her readings are regarded with such respect and prestige.

In order to get a reading from her, you have to pass your inquiry through a committee who decides which inquiries go to Dimitrova, and which ones are ignored.

Those lucky enough to get a reply must pay a fee for the services, since Dimitrova is on the payroll of the Bulgarian government. Most inquires that she replies to are personal in nature, and she has a remarkable history of being accurate.

Kind Regards,

Jayanti Ghosh

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