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Compound Numbers in Numerology Explained

Most numerologists recommend reducing digits in numerology calculations down to a single digit or a master number, 11 or 22. Some use the compound numbers of two or three digits. To find this number you will use the numbers in your birth date.Add them together until you get a double digit.I often use double digit numbers because they can show slight differences from the single digit number, which can make a huge impact and are something worth being aware of. More>>

Life Path Number - Five Tips to Achieve Your Goals

The life path number represents, quite literally, the path of your life. It stands for the purpose of your life and what you need to focus on in order to be a success. This number comes from your birth date. Use these five tips to achieve goals in your life using life path number. More>>

Name Numerology - How to Find Out What Your Name Means

In name numerology each letter of the alphabet is assigned a numeric value. To get a value for your name you would have to find the numeric value for each letter and then add them together and reduce it down to a single digit. If you do this with your full name then you will end up with your name number. More>>

Numerology Compatibility Test - Are You and Your Partner Compatible?

To begin the process of numerology compatibility, one must understand exactly what numerology means. To begin with, it is more than just the simple idea that numerology is nothing more than metaphysical mathematics. It would be best put that numerology is a concept of numbers as a form of metaphysical power. More>>

Seven Things You Need to Focus to Find the Right Partner

Love is an important part of life. It is something that humans naturally crave. When you have no love in your life you may feel lost and not be able to find a purpose in life. When you find true love you will start to feel joy in your life. More>>

Medical Astrology - What is This ?

Interestingly enough, astrology was once an accepted science, and it fact, it was even used for medical diagnoses. While the vast majority of people like to believe we've evolved, one cannot but wonder if we haven't, in actual fact, moved backwards, considering that we no longer wish to live in harmony with the cosmos. The truth is, the human race in general believes it's too advanced to believe in things such as the cosmos. More>>

What Astrology Cannot

Astrology has always been quite a controversial subject, because while some say it involves nothing more than fanciful myths and superstitions, those who believe in astrological predictions say astrology can help us to uncover many unsolved mysteries which science has not yet been able to do. Contrary to what some people may believe, true astrologers believe that astrology cannot be used to make exact predictions about your future, but instead, it can be used to reveal the tendencies of a person's future. There are numerous misconceptions regarding astrology. More>>

Horoscope - Eight Points to Consider Before Making Up Your Mind

Those who don't really believe in astrology often claim that because horoscope readings are so general, they could virtually apply to anyone. They also argue that most people will only see what they want to see, while ignoring what they don't want to see, and this in turn leads to them thinking the reading is accurate. Much of the skepticism could however be eliminated if skeptics were to get a real horoscope reading done by a competent astrologer that takes an individual's time and place of birth into consideration as well. More>>

Natal Chart Interpretation

While astrology can act as a guide, how you go through life is up to you, because it will all depend on how you use the knowledge you gain. To a great extent, your fate is similar to a game of cards. You cannot choose the cards you're dealt, but you can still play a good game and win.With astrology, your natal chart, or birth chart is essentially a graph that shows the positions of the planets and astrological houses in the sky at the moment of your birth. You also need to remember that a natal chart is far more detailed than a horoscope. More>>

Astrology A Self Help Tool

The subject of astrology has fascinated people for several centuries already, and in fact, it's even had a significant impact on history. Another interesting point is that astrology has been around just as long as Christianity, which means it's been the subject of research for hundreds of years. Whether you believe in it or not, the fact still remains that for many people, astrology is an extremely good self-help tool which can be used by one and all to find inner peace, irrespective of what religion you may follow. More >>

Is Astrology A Silly Superstition ?

There are millions of people out there who brush astrology off as being nothing more than a silly superstition, but there are even more people who have come to realize that their personalities and their lives are indeed influenced by their date of birth. Once you realize how much astrology can reveal, you get to truly appreciate how potent it can be in terms of self-enrichment. Astrology encompasses past, present, and future, and it has so much to offer if you're willing to study it and practice it accordingly. More>>

Lucky Name Numerology – Are Lucky Names Really Lucky?

Lucky name numerology is the art of finding names for businesses or people that will bring luck. It is believed that if a name is chosen correctly, a person can experience great success in life and a business can be extremely profitable. By the same token, it is believed that unlucky names can lead to problems in life and a failed business. Is there really anything to lucky names? Or is this all hype? More>>

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