Bible Numerology

Meanings of different numbers in Bible numerology-

1- One denotes the start of any event. This may represent the divine God. On earth number one indicates a leader or independent individual, any new event must originate with a leader.

2- Number two is the number of division. For example the truth of God's word-the law and the prophets, (John 1:45), let a thing be established by two or three witnesses, (2 Corinthians 13:1) the double-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). You can find the number two closely attached to the word Revelation, separation, war and even discord.

3- Three is the number that represents the Godhead or Trinity. Anything that will be solid or complete is described in three's. Three times the angels cried Holy to the triune God. (Isaiah 6:3)

4- Four is the number denoting universal truth; consider north, east, south and west, the four directions and the four winds. (Matthew 24:31; Revelation 7:1; Revelation 20:8) Some consider this the number that describes the creation of the earth. Even the vastness of space has been denoted by four.

5- Five is the number used to describe great spirit and freedom.

6- Six is believed to be the number of man. On the sixth day God created man (Genesis 1:26, 31) Human beings are supposed to toil only six days. You can find this number used 273 times throughout the bible. There are derivatives of course, sixth, threescore and 60.

7- Seven is the number of biblical prophecy, in Daniel and Revelation alone it occurs 42 times. It is also used to describe the covenant between God and man.

8- Eight is the number commonly associated with fertility. It can also describe a man who is quite strong.

9- The perfect movement of God is described by the number nine. Judgment or finality are at the core of this number.

One of the most popularly repeated numbers in the bible numerology is 666. There are many theories about this number, some will add each digit resulting in 18 then add these digits to arrive at the single number 9. The number is the representation of materialism trying to destroy spirituality of nature. Referring back to the chart above you can see that nine is the number of humanity and spirituality. Which brings us to the understanding that 666 describes the material and spiritual conflict. If you want to dilute the effect of this number, it must be done by spiritual means. You conquer fear, hatred and deception with forgiveness, generosity and love.

By exploring and understanding the number patterns of the Bible Numerology, you could discover hidden secrets and even deeper meanings in the text. Of course, it is up to you whether you use it or not.

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