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"Chinese numerology is the quickest and easiest method of character analysis ever devised ”- Richard Webster. (Author of several books about psychic world).
This is one of the oldest forms (dating back to almost 4,000 years BC), works on the principle of five basic elements, arguing that all events in this universe are related to any of these five elements. Each element is characterized by certain properties. The analysis of a past or future event is based on these characteristics.

The five basic elements of Chinese numerology are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Wood: implies creativity; associated with numbers 3 and 4.

Fire: indicates enthusiasm and motivation; associated with the number 9.

Earth: provides stability in life and helps people achieve their goals; associated with numbers 2, 5, and 8.

Metal: Indicates riches and courage; associated with numbers 6 and 7.

Water: the most powerful element, water is the source of all power and energy on this earth; associated with the number 1, the number of the Sun.

This system remains popular throughout the world, and many contemporary studies of numerology or astrology have stemmed from the Numerology Chinese.

Lo Shu Chart

A famous legend surrounds the origin of Chinese numerology (more precisely, the Chinese birth chart). The Chinese emperor Yu, while walking along the banks of the river Lo, found a tortoise shell marked with a perfect grid of 9 squares. This Lo Shu grid, where Lo is the name of the river and Shu refers to book, is the basis of Chinese numerology. A unique aspect of the 3x3 matrix is that the sum of any row or diagonal equals 15.

Initially, the grid appears quite complex, but it is actually simple to use to calculate personality traits from one’s birth date, month, and year, which are placed in the birth chart to calculate one’s personal traits. Let us explain the birth chart with an example.

For the birth date 27 June 1965 (27-06-1965), the birth chart includes the qualities related to 2 (once), 7 (once), 6 (twice), 1 (once), 9 (once), and 5 (once).

1.Two numbers are associated with earth (2, 5)

2. Three numbers are associated with Metal (7 once and 6 twice)

3. One number is associated with water (1)

4. One number is associated with fire (9)

Based on these results, metal is the strongest element, meaning the person is expected to be rich and courageous.
According to Chinese system, all elements should be equally balanced in an individual’s birth chart. People with balanced birth charts have a good chance of success, good health, and prosperity. In the previous example, the person has no wood element in his birth chart, indicating that he lacks creativity.

You can find more about the character analysis from Chinese numerology from the details given below-

Number1- If 1 appears once in the birth chart the person is introvert, if twice he or she is communicative, thrice refers to talkative whereas four times treat you as compassionate.

Number2- Sensitive if it is once, bright if twice, very sensitive when it is thrice and loners if the number 2 exists in your chart for four times.

Number3- A person with once one in his birth chart is excellent, twice is creative and over imaginative if it is thrice or four times.

Number4- Once refers stability, twice refers pragmatic, thrice refers to hard working and if it is four times in your birth chart probably you will spend much of your time in physical activities than on creativity.

Number5- If the number 5 is found once in birth chart of Chinese numerology the person is caring, twice means persistent, thrice is for determination and four times is for instantaneous action.

Number6- When it appears once the person is good adviser, two times indicates originative, three times is for high tempered whereas four times is for emotional.

Number7- Once-learn through experience, Twice-spiritual, Thrice-learn through loss, Four times-difficulties in many fronts of life.

Number8- Once-scrupulous, Twice-adamant, Thrice-materialistic, Four times-ceaselessly in motion

Number9-Once- intelligent, twice-critical, Thrice-givers, Four times-brilliant but loners.

Over time this evolved into three different systems that are being used today. There is the western version of Chinese numerology, the traditional one and the ki system.

My knowledge about Chinese system is limited. Much of my studies related to Chinese numerology are about Feng Shuirather than traditional one. The analysis given above is very board and general. I just tried to highlight the history, methods and the results of this system. If you want to analyze your character in depth my advice is to have some detail study about it. Richard Webster is much authenticated person in Chinese Numerology

and his works are more reliable as he described the Chinese system from the western outlook.

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