Compound Numbers

Compound Numbers in Numerology Explained
By Jayanti Ghosh

Most numerologists recommend reducing digits in numerology calculations down to a single digit or a master number, 11 or 22. Some use the compound numbers of two or three digits.

To find the compound number you will use the numerals in your birth date. Add them together until you get a double digit figure. This will be any double digit between 10 and 99.

I often use compound numbers because they can show slight differences from the single digit number. Even these slight differences can make a huge impact and are something worth being aware of. For example, a reduced digit 11 has a set meaning, but 11 could come from the numbers 47 or 38 and those two numbers are different. The double digit number 47 means learning spiritually due to feeling a responsibility for something or someone. The number 38 means achieving things for a material purpose through creative means.

A root number that influences a basic one is called a composed number.Composed numbers are basically the mother and father of the basic number and lend the basic number traits and characteristics. The basic numbers show the overall where the composed numbers shows the reasons behind it.

When expressed in numerology the numbers will have the compound number and slash and the reduced digit. For example, one person may be a 16/7 and another could be a 52/7. These two people have the same single digit number, but their compound number is going to influence that and make it unique for each person.

You can see from the following how the composed numbers influence the basic number. A 3 can indicate that a person is careful and sensitive when they speak with others, but a 12 is going to be expressive and innovation, a 21 is going to have issues with anxiety, a 30 is going to do best in situations like counseling or media, a 39 is going to do best in a cooperative effort and a 49 has a leadership communication style. Then there is the 5 that represents a rebellious attitude, but the 14 will repress this, a 23 will make the 5 likely to use inflammatory remarks and actions and a 32 will find a balance. An 8 is materialistic in nature, but with a 17 is hopeful and behaves and thinks in a hopeful manner while a 26 will lean towards pessimism.

The single digit number does not reflect the whole picture. It has hidden things within that can only come out when the compound number is revealed. The compound number gives insight and puts more meaning into the basic number.

Jayanti Ghosh is a long-time follower of numerology, having started to learn the subject at the age of seven. She is the owner of the site To know what each compound number indicates visit:

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