Dream Analysis - Your Future in Your Dreams

The Purpose of Dream Analysis

All human beings dream, and that's a scientifically proven fact. Dreams are essentially a fundamental requirement for bio-psychic health. Even though you may not remember your dreams when you wake up in the morning, the average person has between three and five dreams each night.

In fact, even animals dream in their sleep. Ever since the beginning of time people have been on a quest to interpret the meaning of dreams, and over the centuries a vast amount of information regarding dream interpretation has accumulated.

The purpose of this page is to highlight the legitimacy, and also the effectiveness of dream analysis.

Before we go any further, there are two things you need to keep in mind regarding the subject of dream analysis:

1. The subject of dream analysis is not backed up by any form of scientific evidence. In other words, from a scientific point of view, there is nothing to prove that dreams can predict future events. As such, dream analysis is done on the basis of logical interpretations in accordance with all the experiences noted by our ancestors through the centuries.

2. Not every dream has a specific meaning. The vast majority of people have at some point in their lives woken up in the morning with a solution to a problem they've been struggling with. In other words, it's not unheard of to have a problem solved with the help of hints acquired from a dream. To a great extent, dreams are a combination of our fears and our past experiences in this life.

Many people believe that dreams are what link our conscious and subconscious minds. In other words, it is the way in which the subconscious mind can communicate with the conscious mind.

Sigmund Freud, who is undoubtedly the most famous dream philosopher, once said that it's "wishing for fulfillment" that is the driving force behind almost all of our dreams. According to this great dream philosopher, it is our own desires which cause us to dream. These would be desires which are by all accounts to outrageous for the conscious mind to deal with, but quite acceptable to the unconscious mind.

Carl Jung, another dream philosopher, boldly stated that dreams are essentially messages we send to ourselves, and that it is in our own best interest to pay attention to them.

Greek philosophers had a very different outlook compared to that of the Egyptians. Whereas the Egyptians believed dreams to be divine messages, the Greek philosophers to believe that dreams are created within one's own mind.

If we look in the Bible, and especially in the Old Testament, we see that dreams were seen as being some form of supernatural occurrence. By the reading the Bible we can see that dreams were thought to be prophetic, there are several references to the dreams of Jacob, St. Augestine, Nebuchadnezzer, and etc.

Dreams also form a significant part of Buddhism, and in fact, Buddhists believe that dreams afford you an opportunity to experience not only the future, but also several other realms in order to help you achieve enlightenment. In Hindu teachings, descriptions of dreams have also been found in Mandukya Upanishad and in Brhadaranyaka Upanishad.

There are several ways in which dream analysis can help you:

1.Dream interpretation can help in terms of health and happiness

2.That can help you to her have a clear view with regards to a relationship

3.It can provide you with a better understanding of yourself

4.Owe it can help you to overcome depression and suicidal tendencies.

How does one go about having their dreams analyzed? Generally speaking you have two options available to you:

Your first option would be to purchase a dream dictionary, or to find a free one on the Internet. Such dictionaries usually provide the traditional meanings to most common dreams. With that said, one needs to then mind that your dreams are unique to you as an individual, given that everyone has a different background, different emotions, and different life experiences.

Your second option:in order to get an accurate dream analysis done, your personal biography plays a large role, hence the reason why it's best to contact a specialized to dream analyst. This can be done by going online and visiting one of the popular websites involved with dream analysis.

Before getting a dream analyzed, it's important to remember that dream can reveal many things, including bad things. By consulting with a dream analyst, you could in essence be placing yourself in a position where you'll be able to avoid certain unfavorable events in the future. If a particular dream tends to occur when you're sleeping, then it's advisable for you to book a consultation immediately.

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