Face Reading

Physiognomy or face reading is the art or science of reading the face of an individual in order to identify that person’s personal traits.

Face is the index of mind. Our faces reflect our deepest emotions whereas our eyes give others an idea about our feelings to external world.

The human face is a map that indicates an individual’s personality, personal history, mental attitudes, inner needs, morals, emotional style and verbal communication.

Face Reading has also been used since ancient times as an aid to diagnosis.

How face reading is associated with prediction of future?

The original intent of numerology or other subjects related to it are personality assessment and counseling. Like these, face reading is also a tool that determines ours likes, desires, ambitions, personality, and many other traits and in someway which certainly influence our future.

Different parts of the face indicate different traits of us.

• Hair: Physical insulation, endurance, overall strength

• Forehead: Thinking style

• Eyes: Attitude, life perspective

• Eyebrows: Thought patterns, reputation, fame

• Nose: Work style, financial Priorities

• Mouth: Self expression, communication

• Check: Perceived Power

• Jaw: Actual Power

• Chin: Strength, will power, tolerance

• Lips: Relationships

• Teeth: Decision

• Ears: Information gathering and processing


Fine, delicate and silky- Sensitive, physically fragile.

Thick wiry hair- Physical powers and flexibility.


A wide forehead- Cleverness and practicality, capable of executing duty industriously.

A high round and deep forehead- Idealism, with a focus on strong friendship.

A narrow forehead- An obstacle to execution, especially in social situations, constraints in domestic life.

Shallow Forehead with a low hairline- Many obstacles in career and parental trouble between the age of 15 and 30.

Flat forehead- Sensible, factual expression.

Exaggerated forehead- A dreamer.

Pointed forehead- High intelligence if hairline is set back and not narrow.


Small, squint or shifty- Introvert and reserved.

Sit firmly whilst gazing steadily- Solid and stable nature with a straightforward disposition.

Wandering and shifty- Unsettled and contradictory habit, dishonest, unreliable.

Unevenly set eyes- Apply lateral thought process to resolve problems.

Eyes slant upwards- Opportunist.

Eyes slant downwards- Self depreciating and at the mercy of others.

Widest eyes- Broadminded.

Deepest eyes- Forceful, jealous, vigilant.

Color of the iris

Deep blue- Gentle and sensitive.

Light blue- Likely to enjoy flirting with opposite sex.

Deep green eyes- Highly energized and very inventive.

Green eyes- High degree of intelligence and imagination.

Black eyes- Strong-natured individual.


Developed brow line- Degree of agility or ability.

Highly arched- Dramatic.

Lowest brow- Impulsive temperament.

Higher brow- Cautious attitude.

Single thick brow over the nose bridge- Possessive, jealous.

Straight brow- Aesthetic and sensitive temperament.


Good sized- Wealth and the capacity of earn money.

High bridge and pointed- High degree of energy, curious mind.

Large- High energy level.

Small- Reserved.

Thin- Highly strung.

Wide- Communicative.

Long- Prudent, bunt, restless.

Short- Happy, usual.

Short snub- Friendly and sensitive.

Straight- Disciplined.


Large- Societal.

Small- Truthful.


Large- Strong built.

Small- Fragile.


Large- Challenging.

Small- Submissive.

Wide- Harsh.

Narrow- Tender.

Straight- Thoughts.

Angular- Authority.


Upper lips is considerably thinner than the lower- Failure in reciprocate relationship.

Thinner lower lip- Overly giving in nature.

Large lips- Expansive and deluxe taste.

Small lips tightly pursued- Egotistical and mean minded.

Small- Selfish, miserly.

Curving down- Discontented.

Large- Pleasure-seeking.

Curving up- Cheerful.

Curved lips- Changeable.

Straight lips- Self controlled.

Narrow lips- unemotional.


Even- Poised.

Gaps- Less Personality.

Big front teeth- Inflexible.

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