Hand Writing Analysis -Know Your Friends In Four Easy Steps

Handwriting Analysis

Hand writing (or hand writing analysis) has long been studied to determine the hidden character of the writer. The person whose character we would prefer to study may attempt to conceal the facts or even to modify his writing.

But it is impossible for him to disguise as some little fact will be so revealing that the character is exposed.

Let us do some small exercises.

Step1 of hand writing analysis

Take a word from a letter written by the person whose handwriting we would like to analyze. Draw a straight line under the word and parallel to the top of the page on which it is written.

You will find any of the following result-

1.The word follows the line closely- The person is sensible, even tempered, and run of the mill.

2.The word runs up and away from the line- The person has great strength of character and is able to succeed in many things better than the common man or woman.

3.The word runs down across the line or even dips into the line- Excellent chances will elude this person very often.

Step2 of hand writing analysis

Have some deeper look on his writing and many other surprising facts will reveal the hidden characteristics of the person.

1.Down strokes thicker than upstrokes- The person fears over little things

2.Capital separated from word- The person is lenient and generous.

3.Capital joined to word- The person is realistic.

4.If all the letters are separated from each other- The person takes life easy and imaginative talent.

5.Loops of letters are pointed- The person is practical and open-minded

6.Letters rounded- The person is pleasant and warm.

7.Each letter properly joined- The person is very tidy and orderly.

8.Loops joining letter come down to line- The person is judicious.

9.If the loops are at the top of the letter- The person lacks judgment.

10.Letters slope backhand- The person has much artistic feeling.

11.Many flourishes- The person is kind, and sociable.

12.Bottom of word blacker than top- The person is scientifically inclined and has talent for inventing things.

13.Line under signature- The person is self-centered and may be arrogant time to time.

Step3 of hand writing analysis

Observe the general appearance of a whole page of writing. This is also very informative.

1. The writing is big and wide and the letters are large and cover a great deal of space- The person is generous and sympathetic.

2. The letters are small and crowded together- The person is prejudiced and stingy.

3. The writing is average- The person is just an average individual, generous at times and closes at others.

Step4 of hand writing analysis

Our last job is to observe the general slope of the letters. See, what they reveal about the hidden personalities of the person.

1. The letters slope to the left- The person is artistic and fond of beauty.

2. The letters are straight up and down- The person is very determined, strong minded and indomitable.

3. The letters are slope to the right- The person has a passion of being unhappy and depressed.

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