Is Astrology A Silly Superstition?

Is Astrology A Silly Superstition?
By Jayanti Ghosh

There are millions of people out there who brush astrology off as being nothing more than a silly superstition, but there are even more people who have come to realize that their personalities and their lives are indeed influenced by their date of birth. Once you realize how much astrology can reveal, you get to truly appreciate how potent it can be in terms of self-enrichment. Astrology encompasses past, present, and future, and it has so much to offer if you're willing to study it and practice it accordingly. Just as with so many other things in life, astrology will mean nothing to you unless you make the effort to learn it. If you do, you will well and truly be gaining the greatest gift the universe has to offer.

Yes, by learning astrology you'll be able see that several of your personal characteristics are 100% natural, but you'll also then have the opportunity to improve in certain areas, such as your mental state of mind for example. For example, it's no coincidence that those born between September and December are the most likely ones to suffer from anxiety attacks, and by understanding astrology, these people would be able to take preventative action in order to avoid such attacks. This is just one example which proves that a person's life can indeed be influenced by the changing seasons. Another example would be with people born in spring, or in the early stages of summer. Here again, this group is known to be prone to conditions such as schizophrenia.

Astrology will also help you gain an understanding with regards to the things which anger you, or those things which excite you. When used for self-development, astrology helps you to find the answers for so many questions you may have about yourself.

Astrology can also be used for self actualization, and if you use it for this purpose, you will gain enough knowledge to know that you need to accept yourself the way you are. It should however be mentioned that self-actualization is not something which can be achieved overnight, it that it takes a fair amount of work to reach that point in your life. When you do get there though, you will readily be able to accept yourself for who you are, and that in turn means you'll be able to focus helping others, rather than only thinking about yourself. As you can imagine, this can result in unimaginable relief, and it's only when you reach this stage that you will well and truly be able to live a carefree life.

By visiting an authentic astrological website you'll have an opportunity to read your astrology profile in order to discover who you really are. If after that you a more in-depth prediction, experienced astrologers are always more than happy to help.

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Jayanti Ghosh is a long-time follower of numerology. Since the age of seven, she has studied numerology and astrology. She is the owner of the site, a place where visitors can learn, access free tips and advice, do research, and share their thoughts on these subjects.

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