Karmic Debt ! Choosing Your karma!

Introduction to Karmic Debt

Most people understand the basic concept of karma today, but they have no idea about the rich philosophy behind it. Karma is a Sanskrit word that means "action" or more specifically, the result of action. The concept dates back to ancient eastern philosophy and is heavily represented in Hindu beliefs.

The basic idea of karma is that you are repaid for the actions you take during your life. If you do good things you will be repaid with good and if you do bad things you will be repaid with bad. This is the part most people are familiar with.

What many people don't know is that the philosophy of karma ties into reincarnation. If you aren't repaid for your good and bad actions in this lifetime you will be in the next lifetime.

In this philosophy, people carry the "sin" of the past lifetime into the next lifetime and it can be detected in the birth chart. Astrologists can also tell what is carried with a person by identifying afflicting planets.

In the discipline of numerology, Karmic Debt Numbers are used to identify the bad being carried into a new life.

You can think of this Debt as a lesson you haven't learned yet. You need to take on burden in your current life in order to correct something you did not do well in a previous life. Some think of this in terms of punishment, but it isn't meant to be that way. Think of it more as learning from something you did wrong in the past.

More importantly, This Debt gives you the opportunity to bring more peace, power, health and happiness into your future lives.

The first step is to have a professional reveal your debts using either your name or your birth date. You can then take the appropriate steps to replace the pain, fear and negative debts with positives.

There are four numbers associated with Karmic Debt:

* 13
* 14
* 16
* 19

Each of these numbers is associated with different characteristics and troubles. You are identified with them if they are found somewhere in your birth chart.

The birth chart is separated into different core numbers such as the Life Path number, Birthday number, and the Expression number. Each number is determined by adding until a single digit number is reached, but if one of the above listed numbers appears before the single digit number occurs, then that Karmic debt is associated with your birth chart.

It is important to note where these numbers occur in the birth chart. For instance, a number appearing in the Life Path calculation will highlight a trouble that should be carried with you throughout your life. A number appearing in the calculation for friendship will impact you in regards to social interactions.

Karmic Debt Numbers

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