Karmic Debt Number - Some Broad Guidelines

Karmic Debt Number 13

When the number 13 comes up in the birth chart it means you will struggle more than others to find success in life. You need to place an emphasis on learning to focus on one task and complete it to the finish. Many people with this number have a tendency toward laziness and may be scatter their energies between many different things that are never fully accomplished.

Someone with this number will have to focus on learning how to commit to one thing, concentrate very hard, and sustain action long enough for success to come. Success can be found, but it isn't without obstacles and struggle.

Don't make the mistake of feeling doomed by the appearance of this number. You can overcome it and become a very inspiring rags to riches type story that really motivates others to do the same. Success will take more work, but it can come.

Karmic Debt Number 14

If any core numbers comes down to the double digit 14 or you were born on the 14th of any month, it can have serious consequences for your current life. This number indicates an abusive or cruel person who dishonored the rights of another person in a prior lifetime. Murder and other forms of serious crime are often found in the past lives of these people.

Karma comes back for those misdeeds in the current lifetime, bringing co-dependency, relationship struggles, and potentially a lifetime of addiction to drugs or alcohol. Sensual pleasure can easily become an addiction in people with this debt number.

In order to overcome the negative karma brought on with this number, modesty has to be embraced. A commitment to living an honest life and creating positive, respectful habits will help overcome the negative struggles that can be brought on by the Karmic debt.

Karmic Debt Number 16

This particular number in your birth chart might be a cause of a little worry and concern. It indicates trouble which might have serious repercussions in the due course of your life. In some exceptional cases it is perceived as a matter of a new beginning, other than the exceptions it is not really a matter of celebration.

Life is all a collective experience. So, it’s not all downhill because of the karmic debt. The ones with the karmic debt of 16 are intellectual people with premonition capabilities. The only drawback of the people is they tend to undermine the rest of the people around them and so usually are thought of as self-centered, aloof, reticent and apathetic.

The ego is the major problem that needs to be curbed. There are suitable measures and remedies which aid in complete eradication of the karmic debt, with the help of internal cleansing, along with severance from negative desires.

There is no reason to fall into any kind of depression as it not an enormous problem. There are quite simple cures which would guarantee a contented and peaceful life.

Karmic Debt Number 19

When this number appears in the birth chart it indicates an independent personality determined to do everything without help. There is a tendency to strongly resist the help of others and a general refusal to listen to others is common. The attitude is one of not needing help even when help is really needed.

Loneliness and an overriding sense of abandonment is common with this Karmic number. The solution is to reach for inner strength and learn to work more with others. People need to be let in and help needs to be acknowledged and accepted.

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