Master Number 11

Master Number 11

Eleven is a master number. The significance of master number 11 depends on where it shows in the numerology chart. Explanations of each possible chart location fall below.

Life Path Number 11

Persons presented with 11 as a life path numbergo through struggles in spiritual life which stimulate growth and prosperity. They live as servants to others, yet they tend to stand apart from others. They think with originality and have a tendency to remain very busy at all times. They have the tendency to become arrogant, yet are known for their creative energy and extraordinary confidence.

Personality Number 11

People with the personality numbereleven tend to be extremely popular with others. They are funny and warm; yet do not place personal value in conforming for relationships. They are always themselves, no matter the opinions of others. They surround themselves with friends and telluric energy and are well known for their sharp intuition.

Vocational Number 11

The business world is not the place for those with a vocational number of eleven. These people do quite well in roles where they can guide and lead others and they have a personal interest in art. They are admirers of all things beautiful. Potential careers for those with this vocation number include: artist, dance teacher, designer, explorer, psychiatrist, scientist, spiritual leader, teacher, therapist. If involved in business, it should only be as advisor or guidance.

Destiny Number 11

People with a

destiny numbereleven tend to be overwhelmingly joyful and fulfilled, but they also may fall victim to predatory people. They have overbearing expectations of self and others, which often leads to aggravation and the destruction of the natural joy. They draw peace and joy from taking care of others and live for servicing others, but that leaves them open to victimization and the loss of joy.

Master Number 11 is the most intuitive number, but it also has great duality. It must be used effectively to harness all of its intuitive powers.

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