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Oct 03, 2010
More About Alphabets
by: Sayantani Ghosh

Hello! I am Sayantani, a student of standard six and daughter of Jayanti Ghosh, owner of this site. I am studying numerology for the last few months. I am a regular visitor of this site and found someone among us have posted a topic about the numerical meanings of alphabets. But there are certain other things also. If an alphabet repeats itself in a name, it is indicative of a particular quality. I take the opportunity to share my knowledge with all of you.

Repetition of alphabet A, I, J, Y, and Q in a name indicates bravery and creativity.

Repetition of alphabet B, R and K in a name indicates a person who is responsive and has inferiority complex.

Repetition of alphabet C, G, S and L in a name indicates imagination, of artistic nature and talent. It also makes the person self-centered and undisciplined.

Repetition of alphabet D, M and T in a name indicates a person who is diligent and accountable

Repetition of alphabet E, N, H and X in a name indicates Success in marketing or legal works.

Repetition of alphabet V, U and W in a name indicates artistic talents, humanitarianism, responsible, and cooperative.

Repetition of alphabet O, and Z in a name indicates research and deliberation.

Repetition of alphabet F, and P in a name indicates power and position, success in business.

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