Name Numerology Compatibility

Name Numerology Compatibility- A Scientific Analysis:

Human beings are social animals and hence are codependent people. The co-dependence is not just bound to the work place rather it extends its importance to the family life as well covers each and every aspect of life. Two people are said to be compatible when their liking, behavior, thinking etc have some kind of similarity and complement each other well. As all the facets of our lives are inter-twined it is easier to get along with people who are compatible with your nature, this would ensure that life is smooth and all is at ease. Name numerology compatibility is the area of numerology which deals with the best compatible person for you in each part of your life.

How does name numerology work?

The primary condition to find out compatibility is having a better understanding of the concept name numerology. According to numerology, your name is no coincidence or accident rather it has its own significance, as to what kind of person you are along with the character traits. Several numbers are derived from your name. The number derived from your full name is called the Expression Number. It reveals your physical and mental status. The subsequent number which holds importance is the number which discloses your inner urge and desires is known as your heart’s desire or the soul urge number. The next number which comes into the limelight is the personality number which reveals the secret about, the opinion and the first impression people have of you on their first meet. There are various other numbers which would reveal a lot more than basic understanding of a person, so in a nutshell we can conclude that calculation of name number is like creating a personal profile of a person.

How numbers are calculated?

The procedure is not only simple but also very interesting. First we start by jotting down the full name on a piece of paper. Each alphabet in the English language has a number assigned to it. Please look up for the respective numbers with reference to the alphabets in your name. Now, the next step is adding all the numbers till a single digit is reached. The resultant digit is known as the Expression Number. Using the above mentioned methodology you can find the compatibility quotient of the person in question with the help of name numerology compatibility. If you study further, the website will furnish you with additional information on each and every number.

Finding Compatibility

To find name numerology compatibility we must first analyze the characteristics of the two names. Next you need to apply simple logic to the facts in hand. It’s a very simple task to determine whether the two characters are compatible to each other and can there be any likelihood of any long term connections?

Let us elucidate the point with the help of an example. Let’s suppose the combination of Number 1 and 3. This is a very successful combination. Number 3 is brilliant and goes well with Number 1 because of the artistic talent and a nimble mind, these qualities are highly favorable for business dealing and marketing. On the contrary, the combination between Number 1 and number 4 can not be successful because number 1 is agile, quick witted and has new ideas. But number 4 is slow and lethargic with very limited ideas. In short it would be a catastrophic blend.

The Conclusion

Considering name numerology compatibility always is not as simple as we think or assume. Two numbers which are completely compatible for a specific purpose may not be compatible for other purposes. You need to know the purpose of finding compatibility. I shall not suggest a marriage between number three and number eight, as the number three is creative and she creates for her own love and passion, but number eight will calculate materialistic gain or loss, evaluating everything in terms on monetary face value of such creation, which may cause conflict in other works of life. However, when they are part of a marketing business this will be a strong and successful combination as Number 8 is an executive with efficiency and Number 3 with his pleasant way of speaking is sure to prove an asset in marketing and Sales promotion.

Similarly, find the compatibility of other numbers also associated with your name. With a little research on your part you can calculate name numerology compatibility between any two numbers or individuals. It might take time in the beginning as all new practices require time to master, but will gift you a happy life in return. You can also take help of a numerologist to get is done for you. They do the same job day after day, and they can better judge the compatibility with their experienced brain and logical eyes. So, do not delay and lose on to precious time.

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