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While astrology can act as a guide, how you go through life is up to you, because it will all depend on how you use the knowledge you gain. To a great extent, your fate is similar to a game of cards. You cannot choose the cards you're dealt, but you can still play a good game and win. Likewise, you can get the best possible cards in your hand, and yet you could still loose the game. If you go and get drunk, and then get behind wheel of a car, do blame the condition of the roads if you have an accident.

With astrology, your natal chart, or birth chart is essentially a graph that shows the positions of the planets and astrological houses in the sky at the moment of your birth. You also need to remember that a natal chart is far more detailed than a horoscope. Popular horoscopes only consider the Sun's position, whereas a natal chart includes hundreds of pieces of data. Let's just say, if your natal chart was a fire, your horoscope would only be a firefly.

Most astrologers will be more than happy to map out your natal chart, and of course this willingness stem from the fact that they really do believe in what they are doing. A real astrologer doesn't for a minute doubt that the future is in the stars. Nostradamus was even able to predict things such as wars and the assassination of presidents, and that simply by looking to the stars.

If you want a remarkably profound and revealing glimpse into your natural character, then I strongly advise you to view your natal chart. It will advise you with regards to find the ideal partner, it will offer advice in terms of choosing a career, and it will warn you of potential problems you may need to face at some point in your life.

One thing to bear in mind with regards to a birth chart is that in order for it to be accurate, an astrologer needs to know the exact position of the stars at the moment you were born. Because the houses of the zodiac move one degree every four minutes, your birth time is extremely important for determining certain planetary aspects, and also your Ascendant sign. It is possible to generate a natal chart without the exact time of your birth, but it just won't be quite as accurate.

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