Numerology Compatibility Test

Numerology Compatibility Test - Are You and Your Partner Compatible?

To begin the process of numerology compatibility, one must understand exactly what numerology means. To begin with, it is more than just the simple idea that numerology is nothing more than metaphysical mathematics. It would be best put that numerology is a concept of numbers as a form of metaphysical power. Each number has a direct collaboration with our personality and shows our archetypal energy that is the basis for our personality.

We find that numerology can give us in depths look at who we are as people. We can understand an individual's personality, their motivations for doing things, their true desire, and some believe you can determine fate and greatness as well. A numerology expert will use all this information to determine when a person should approach major activities in their own life.

Similar to this concept, numerology allows us to look at compatibility as well. This is a process that has the numerologist study the relationships between the numbers that are given. This will allow them to determine that numbers that are present between not only a person, but an event at the same time. It would be accurate to state that if two numbers are indeed compatible, the owners will have the capability to exist and even live together in a harmonious way.

We will all have problems in our life. These can problems with our family, our jobs, the person that we love, or a number of other things. These are actually caused by an incompatibility between you and this other object. If we know and understand which numbers are compatible with us, this process becomes far easier, and we can pass our troubles. In some cases, we can turn these issues into great successes.

Each of us has an association, not only with a single number, but a number of different elements in our life. The main number is pulled from our date of birth. I'll take a moment to show you how to get your number. Add the year, month as well of the date of your birth. When you have done this, continue to add the numbers until you end up with a single digit. This is the number that you will need to determine your compatibility with other numbers.

Essentially, these numbers can help to determine what numbers are compatible with you, not only for your personal relationships, but your business ones as well. The purposes are different, and the number will be as well. Number 5 for example will not be compatible for a 1 when you are testing your compatibility with another in a romantic sense. But these numbers are great when you are looking for a business partner.

Numerology Business Compatibility

When you are getting into business with someone, you must know if you are compatible. In addition, it is vital that you know if you and that business partner are going to get along and can trust each other. A number of factors come into play for numerology compatibility between both numbers, and their ultimate solution is how compatible the two of you are. Your passion and focus should be similar, in addition to your overall likes and dislikes. In turn, if you both have a different philosophy towards your business, you might not be able to thrive together. Your numbers should complement each other, and you must determine the numbers both of you have to determine your overall success. If these numbers are complimentary, you will have a strong business bond.

Numerology Love Compatibility

When you are seeking out the person that you are destined to be with, you need to look at the numbers as well. There are some important factors that are used to determine your overall numerology love compatibility.

The very first is your inner desires, as well as your partner's. Your numbers will need to be complimentary. Secondly, you need to determine how compatible you are with your controlling planet. Every number is ruled by a planet, and if you are compatible your ruling planets will also be compatible. If your planets remain incompatible, you will have a relationship that is troubled.

The single best way to determine numerology compatibility in your life with consideration to different aspects, you must consult an authentic numerologist. They will teach you things that you might not be able to find on your own. Numerology may have an entertaining past time to some, but those who have experienced the information provided first hand, they will know exactly what it means.

Jayanti Ghosh is a long-time follower of numerology. Since the age of seven, she has studied numerology and astrology. She is the owner of the site, a place where visitors can learn, access free tips and advice, do research, and share their thoughts on these subjects.

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